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At Fusion we firmly believe in the importance of pursuing the highest standards in best practices towards good corporate governance. We understand that our policies and procedures represent our core values in utmost transparency, professionalism and accountability across all functions of our organization. Our endeavor is to constantly improve corporate practices, methodologies, and procedures to ensure that longer term value is realized for all stakeholders of our organization. We aim to consistently offer our customers, employees, vendors and the larger community mutually beneficial value through transparency in our associations, quality in our products and services, and integrity in our relationships.

We believe that every individual is committed to implement and constantly improve the performance, quality and services through continual improvement of quality management systems, technology, training and self development.

The customer-focused organization approach and also meeting statutory and regulatory requirements

Our Corporate Governance philosophy is driven by the following principles:

  • To ensure transparency and openness about all facets of our operations, at all times.
  • To fullfill and comply by the spirit of law and further pursue initiatives that determine paramount value to all associated with our organization
  • To continually enhance stakeholders value at all times
  • To ensure that our corporate structure fosters clear communication channels and lines of command at all times
  • To be driven by integrity and core values and co-operate at all times in providing a clear and true image of our organization
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